Our Skilled Service Dogs

Beautiful and Skilled Assistance Dogs

Our beautiful and talented service dogs are specifically bred to excel in caring for their life partners.

As a member of a team, they always put the mission first, and never accept less than exemplary performance. They are physically fit, mentally sharp service dogs who love beyond measure while serving with honor.


Gabriella and her Golden PAWS Service Dog Bobbi ready for prom
US Army Veteran Jody with his Golden PAWS Assistance Dog Norman
Golden PAWS Service Dog with child recipient
Golden PAWS Assistance Dogs Board President, Kyle Reed with a cadet puppy

Our Golden Retrievers

The golden retriever is known for being a handsome, powerful, and active dog that is physically capable of completing complex tasks. They are loving and loyal, of exceptionally high intelligence while being friendly, reliable, and trustworthy. Fun-loving, with a keen sense of humor and a nurturing spirit, it is natural for them to have a strong desire to serve.

Our Labrador Retrievers

Our Labs are extroverted, welcoming, and full of enthusiasm. Strong, powerfully built dogs, they are cheerful and eager to please. Easily trained and adaptable to almost any situation, their tendency to be emotionally complex and intuitive makes them the perfect choice to serve children or veterans.

Why Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers?

At Golden PAWS Assistance Dogs, we work exclusively with retrievers. The reasons are two-fold.

Golden PAWS Golden Retriever Service Dog Cadet, Batts


First, these breeds are ideally suited for service work, with an extremely high capacity for emotional intelligence and an innate desire to serve. The second reason is that we believe that social reintegration is one of the most important parts of recovery for a veteran suffering from PTSD or physical injuries.

Golden PAWS Yellow Labrador Retriever puppy, Ranger | Skilled Assistance Dogs

Goldens and Labs, easily facilitate social interactions, drawing people in with their friendly personalities and unrivaled cuteness. At the same time, their tendency to form deep bonds with their handler, along with their specialized training, gives our recipients the comfort of knowing that their canine companion is always looking out for them and ready to serve.


The Journey of a
Golden PAWS Service Dog

How does one of our retrievers become a Golden PAWS service dog? It’s a long journey that starts before they’re even born.

Golden PAWS Assistance Dogs Cadet, Jay | Skilled Service Dogs

Tapping our network of highly respected breeders, we plan litters based on the health and temperament of the parents and past generations within the dog’s lineage.

Aptitude and
Temperament Testing

We test the litter at 5-8 weeks of age to select the puppies with the best chance of graduating our rigorous training program.

Basic Skills and Obedience

Sit. Stay. Down. Loose-leash walking and focus. The same behaviors you would teach your own dog.

Advance Training (Service Skills)

Service skills including retrieving items, opening and closing doors, wheelchair or bracing work and similar skills. We also focus on proper public behavior.


The science – choosing a dog with the right skills and personality for a particular recipient. The art – evaluating the strength of the bond between the dog and the recipient. We always say the dog ultimately chooses his recipient.

Paired Training

We work with the recipient and the dog as a team to develop specific skills needed by the recipient based on his or her condition. We also train the recipient to be a proficient service dog handler.

Ongoing Support

We commit to the dog and recipient for life, reinforcing training as needed and even guaranteeing financial assistance for the care of the dog throughout its life if necessary.

Golden PAWS Assistance Dogs serves many in need.

We place a strong emphasis on giving back to the community that supports us. Your financial support drives our mission to help us deliver these critical services.

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