Frequently Asked Questions

Is Golden PAWS Assistance Dogs a registered non-profit?

Yes, Golden PAWS Assistance Dogs Inc. (EIN#27-3385763) is a nonprofit Public Charity under IRS Code 501(c) (3). All donations are tax deductible as allowed under Federal Law.

What geographical area does Golden PAWS serve?

While preference for placement is given to residents of Florida, applicants are considered from along the east coast of the U.S.

How much does it cost?

Our dogs are provided at NO COST to the recipient. Additional grants are available to assist with veterinary care and nutritional support of our dogs.

How does someone apply for a Golden PAWS dog and what are the criteria?

Golden PAWS has clear criteria for applicants that must have a qualified disability that is within our area of support. Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis.

If I qualify to receive a Golden PAWS Dog, what are my responsibilities?

Each recipient is required to complete team training to maximize a successful working relationship. Golden PAWS Assistance Dogs provides a continuum of care for the life of the placement.

What breed of dog does Golden PAWS use and why?

Our breeds of choice are the Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever. Both are renowned for their ability to excel in service dog work.

What is the cost to raise and place a Golden PAWS dog? Why does it cost so much?

To raise, train, place and provide care post placement for our dogs cost upward of $80,000.

Golden PAWS puppies begin their training the moment they arrive at the Golden PAWS training academy at 8 weeks old. Housing, health, and nutritional care, and training continue for a minimum of two years before successful match and placement. The final stages of training include home and public access training.

We commit funding as needed to other expenses to ensure that our placements are secure and well cared for.

How are these dogs funded?

All of the work of Golden PAWS Assistance Dogs is funded by private donors, corporate sponsors and family foundations. In addition, the Golden PAWS team of Directors, Staff and Volunteers coordinate directed fund-raising events throughout the year.

Do service dogs ever get “time off or play time?”

Golden PAWS is committed to our dogs being a beloved member of each family they are placed with. We ensure that each dog has an exceptional quality of life that includes grooming, play and off time.

How can I volunteer?

Visit our Volunteer Opportunities page to learn more.

How can I provide financial support to your mission?

We have many ways that you can offer financial support to our mission and welcome gifts of support.

Golden PAWS Assistance Dogs serves many in need.

We place a strong emphasis on giving back to the community that supports us. Your financial support drives our mission to help us deliver these critical services.

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All gifts qualify for tax deductibility based on IRS Code governing 501(c)3 non-profit organizations. Please consult your financial advisor for guidance regarding your personal goals.