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Golden PAWS Assistance Dog

The Application and Partnering Process

The Golden PAWS application and partnering process is distinctive in its customized approach to meet the needs of each recipient. We believe that partnering our dogs with their life buddy takes great care and patience.

We honor this unique process in every placement because we know that the benefits are unmatched. Our screening process will determine if Golden PAWS can provide you with a dog that fits your needs.

Our mission serves combat wounded veterans, first responders, and children with a qualifying physical disability. Eligibility requirements and screening procedures vary for each dog that we place.

Our specialty is mobility assistance, tasks that mitigate the effects of PTSD, and support for children in need.


Please Note:

We DO NOT train seizure support dogs, guide dogs, psychiatric service dogs or medical alert dogs of any kind.

Some of the tasks we train for include:

  • Picking up dropped items
  • Opening and closing doors
  • Turning lights on and off
  • Retrieving items including medical supplies
  • Carrying items
  • Assisting with balance & mobility
  • PTSD support

Qualifying Criteria

To be considered to receive a full application for a Golden PAWS Assistance Dog, you must meet one of the following criteria:

Be a combat-wounded veteran challenged by a physical disability or PTSD.

We also consider First Responders who have been injured through their work.

Children must have a qualifying physical disability and be over the age of six years old.

Children (Over the age of 6 years old) Request for Application

Combat-Wounded Veteran/First Responder Request for Application